Vsgclothing-Blog-The San Francisco 49ers are 2022 NFC West Champions

After defeating the Vsgclothing-Blog-The San Francisco 49ers are 2022 NFC West Champions Seahawks 21-13 at Lumen Field, the San Francisco 49ers have clinched their division and are now the 2022 NFC West champions.

Now holding a 10-4 record, San Francisco has won seven-straight games and remains undefeated against divisional foes. Taking ahold of the NFC West title, the 49ers have clinched their first division crown since 2019. This marks head coach Kyle Shanahan’s third playoff appearance in the last four seasons.

As it stands now, the 49ers are third in the NFC playoff picture behind the Philadelphia Eagles (12-1) and Minnesota Vikings (10-3).

The 49ers are NFC West champions for the second time in four seasons. San Francisco secured its first division title since 2019 with the Week 15 win at the Seahawks.

Following that up with their eighth consecutive victory in Saturday’s Week 16 rout of the Commanders, the 49ers are 11-4 and the current No. 3 seed in the NFC playoff picture.

The 49ers still trail the Vikings (12-3) by a game after Minnesota rallied to beat the Giants at home on Saturday. Should the 49ers make up that game on the Vikings in the final two weeks, they should be the new No. 2 coming based on having a superior conference record now (9-2 vs. 7-3).

The 49ers finish with the Raiders and Cardinals. The Vikings face the Packers and Bears in their final two games.

San Francisco needs to finish one game better than Minnesota over the final month and maintain that conference advantage, which it can do by beating Arizona. If not, the tiebreaker would be common games, where there is the required minimum of four.

The Vikings are 4-0 vs. the Bears, Saints, Cardinals and Commanders. The 49ers are 2-1 vs. the Bears, Saints and Cardinals and will play the Commanders in Week 16. Should Minnesota beat Green Bay and sweep Chicago in Week 18, it would have the edge in common games no matter what San Francisco does vs. Arizona.

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